sdcApp manual

This is documentation and guidance for sdcApp, a user interface for the sdcMicro R package, which provides tools for Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC) for microdata, also known as microdata anonymization. For an introduction to the theory and practice of Statistical Disclosure Control please see our accompanying guide: Statistical Disclosure Control for Microdata: Theory.

As sdcApp is a GUI for the R package sdcMicro, users familiar with using R for statistical analysis may prefer to carry out the anonymization process using R from command-line. More information and guidance on using sdcMicro from command-line is available in the Statistical Disclosure Control for Microdata: A Practice Guide for sdcMicro from the same authors.

Authors of this manual: Thijs Benschop and Matthew Welch, The World Bank

Acknowledgments: The authors thank Olivier Dupriez and Cathrine Machingauta (The World Bank) for their technical comments and inputs throughout the process.

The production of this guide was made possible through a World Bank Knowledge for Change II Grant: KCP II - A microdata dissemination challenge: Balancing data protection and data utility. Grant number: TF 015043, Project Number P094376. As well as from United Kingdom - DFID funding to the World Bank Multi-Donor Trust Fund - International Household Survey and Accelerated Data Program – TF071804/TF011722/TF0A7461.